Closing the loop

The cyclical on site process of safely composting organic food waste and packaging products made of renewable raw materials

GreenGood Composting Solutions

GreenGood Composter’s organic recycling units are fully contained, commercial on-site composting units that can reduce food waste volume by up to 90% in 24 hours.

Easy and odour-free composting

Our units decompose and homogenise food organic waste in an aerobic environment using controlled temperatures, agitation, airflow and organic starter material.

Potential harmful pathogens and disease bacteria eliminated from compost under European Union Regulation (EC) No. 142/2011.

All you have to do is add food and organic waste throughout the day, including fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy, meat, fish, poultry, eggshells, crustacean shells and liquid.

The unit features a sophisticated ventilation and deodorisation system that promotes decomposition without any unpleasant smells.

Turn food waste into an asset you can use

Within 24 hours, the original material will be reduced by up to 90 % – transformed into a concentrated compost you can use in many different ways, including:
On your garden or grounds.
Donating your compost to a local community initiative.

Organic recycling tailored to your needs

Before recommending a GreenGood Composter unit, we perform a full audit of your business’s kitchen and waste streams, as well as suggesting a location for installation of the unit.

As your sustainability partner, GreenGood Eco-Tech will also implement a communication plan to help your staff and contractors understand and engage with the program.

GreenGood Composter units are available in sizes to process between 20 kg to
1 500 kg of food waste a day.

Medium Capacity

This series of GreenGood composters are appropriate for applications where moderate amounts of organic waste would be reduced on site.


Input Capacity: 25-30 kg/day 10 tons/year
Deodorizer: L 235 mm, W 605 mm, H 980 mm
Common Applications: Small-scale residential buildings
Voltage: Single phase 110-240 V 50/60 Hz

Machine Dimensions:
L 1160 mm, W 562 mm, H 1001 mm


Input Capacity: 80-100 kg/day; 30 tons/year
Deodorizer: L 548 mm, W 827 mm, H 1220 mm
Common Applications: Medium-scale residential buildings and restaurants
Voltage: Three phase 200-480 V 50/60 Hz

Machine Dimensions:
L 1363 mm, W 870 mm, H 1230 mm


Input Capacity: 120-150 kg/day; 50 tons/year
Deodorizer: L 548 mm, W 946 mm, H 1282 mm
Common Applications: Medium to large-scale residential buildings, restaurants and retirement communities
Voltage: Three phase 200-480 V 50/60 Hz

Machine Dimensions:
L 1750 mm, W 1010 mm, H 1330 mm

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